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The Mathematica Guidebooks

About the author

Michael Trott wrote The Mathematica GuideBooks and is a member of R&D at Wolfram Research. He is currently the lead developer of the Wolfram Functions Site. Michael also writes a regular column for the The Mathematica Journal.

To contact Michael Trott, send email to

The author at work

Michael works on solving Exercise 16 of Chapter 2 of the Graphics volume
out of the box
Michael popping (and thinking) out of a box
Michael retrieves a preprint from the small pile.
Sketch of Michael
Drawing by Amy of Michael while thinking about Solution 1-29f of Exercises of the Symbolics volume.
Leinakanal im  Juli 2004
On the Leinakanal near Gotha--carrying out some historical studies related to Solution 2-2 of the Numerics volume.
Some first explorations for a Mathematica CookBook: A dish cooked by Michael in the original Mathematica color scheme--purple potatoes (home-grown), braised red cabbage with pancetta and Kassler pork chops.
Weimarer Riesenbratwurst
Getting inspirations for two items in this picture are relevant for the second paragraph of Subsection 6.4.4 of the Programming volume.
Kirche in H*gau
Making a picture of the solution village of the magic square of Subsection 6.5.2 of the Programming volume.
Exp i Pi 2
Thinking about a last input for page 169 of the Programming volume.